Friday, May 31, 2019

Afton's Flat Stanley in Utah!

Afton's Flat Stanley went to Utah and had a fun visit with Anna! She told us that Utah has high mountains and dry deserts. The state flower is the Sego Lily and the state insect is the honey bee! Click here to find out more about this beautiful state. 


Friday, May 24, 2019

Tristan's Flat Stanley in Kenya!

Here is our note from Tristan's friends in Kenya! Many thanks to Sahiba Turgesen!

We received the Flat Stanley from your student Tristan and we have mailed it back to you from Kenya. My daughter Zara has scribbled a note. The letter was received at the Impact Water office, where my husband works, from my friend in Australia (Sophie and her son, Raf). It was sent to the office because we don’t have a registered PO Box in Nairobi and also because mail is unreliable in this part of the world. We were quite surprised that it actually made it to us from Australia, granted it took over a month for it to get here. 

Actually, receiving Flat Stanley at Impact Water is befitting as the social business works to provide safe drinking water to school students in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. I am attaching a photo of Stanley with IW staff, perhaps you can add this aspect of Stanley’s travels to your blog? You can read more about their work on the website 
I hope Flat Stanley reaches you soon. I mailed it last week and I was told it can take up to two weeks for it to reach the US.
I am glad that Zara got a chance to be part of Stanley’s story. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: LAST STOP!! Home Sweet Home!

We were never happier to cross into Maine after being gone for 6 whole days. Day 1 we traveled for 13 hours, day 2 was 14 hours and day 3 was 11. That was a long journey but fun and interesting! Maine Welcome Home! It was rainy and chilly day but I did not care because Maine is my home sweet home! 

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 13th Stop: New Hampshire!

Woohoo almost home! Also blurry to see as we were not stopping until we reached home! Colin’s mom wanted to pick him up with his sister from school. We had no time to stop! The sign says Welcome Bienvenue New Hampshire!

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 12th stop: Massachusetts!

Oh boy we were nearing home finally! I started to get very excited to be back home in Maine! It’s hard to tell but the blue sign says Massachusetts Welcomes you! We hit more traffic! 

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 11th Stop: Connecticut!

In Connecticut we decided to stop for breakfast at this cute little Diner on the lake called, The Lakeside Diner. It wasn’t sunny or warm out but it was very good food and I had a latte! It was SO good! Connecticut was a pretty ride! We went through another cool tunnel and as the long trip went on I took a minute to check out our gps, call my friends and enjoy the view!

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 10th Stop: New York!

This is where the traffic started picking up on day 3 and was a little nerve racking. Colin’s mom was driving and she said it was like playing the game Frogger where you had to cross the road without getting hit by a car. We had to switch lanes several times. We drove right through the Bronx and by the Zoo there. There was some pretty bridges too!

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 9th Stop: New Jersey!

We did a quick pit stop again in New Jersey. We were on the New Jersey Turnpike and they had 3 lanes for cars only and another set of 3 lanes for big trucks! 

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 8th Stop: Delaware!

We stopped in Delaware around 5am for a quick picture! Colin’s mom was very ready to get home and hug her kids!

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip-7th Stop: Maryland!

Maryland was our last state for Day #2 of our drive home. We got to drive through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel! We didn’t stop until 7pm to eat and find a hotel to sleep in. We stayed in Aberdeen, Maryland. We ate at the Greene Turtle Pub and Stayed in a beautiful room across the street. We got up the next day to travel this time at 4am!

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip-6th stop: Washington, D.C.!

We drove right through Washington D.C. and that’s when we noticed the traffic really starting to get busy. Colin’s Grammy was driving and had to pay very close attention to where we were going. We did not stop but we were able to see the Washington Monument and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial! 

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 5th Stop-Virginia!

Phew did it take long to get through those Carolinas! We entered into Virginia and drove through Richmond! Colin’s mom tried to give me a kiss! 

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 4th Stop: North Carolina!

We took our lunch break in North Carolina! This is when we noticed the temperature changing. It was 65 but overcast and felt chilly compared to the 80 degree weather we left behind. We read a little about the airborne and special operations museum and then I had to stop and smell those pretty purple flowers. 

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 3rd Stop: South Carolina!

The third state we crossed into was South Carolina where we decided to drive a bit more and then find a hotel to rest after a long day’s drive. We started our drive at 5am and stopped around 6pm! We ate supper at Georgio’s Restaurant and then slept over in the Peach Tree Inn located in St. George, South Carolina. We got up at 5am again the next day (Monday April 29th) and decided to eat some breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Santee, South Carolina before more driving. Boy was the food good! That’s where I tried out the rocking chair that was just my size! After we left there we drove a little but longer before we stopped at a place called South of the Border. There many different shops! I had fun shopping and then taking some fun pictures with an alligator and a whale! I got all of Colin’s classmates all a sticker from there!

Colin's Flat Stanley's Road Trip: 2nd Stop-Georgia!

The second state we entered and drove through was Georgia! This was just a quick stop to stretch our legs and enjoy some more beautiful weather for a few minutes. 

Colin's Flat Stanley on a ROAD TRIP! 1st Stop: Florida!

On our way home to Maine we stopped first and saw Colin’s Great Grandmother Jeanne! She gave us some hugs and coffee! Then after driving for a few hours we stopped right before leaving the state of Florida at, the Florida Citrus Center, to taste some orange slices, shop and stretch our legs. It was mostly sunny and 80 degrees!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Nick's Flat Stanley in Arizona!!

Nick's Flat Stanley and his new friend Tanya sent a message from Arizona!

"Hello from the 48th State, home of the Grand Canyon! We also have 13 species of rattlesnakes! Our famous saguaro cactus (shown below) takes 100 years to grow arms!"

Friday, May 17, 2019

Nick's Flat Stanley in Michigan!

Hello from the Mitten State! Here are some fun facts about Michigan! They border four of the Great Lakes. They are the only state with 2 peninsulas. People who live in the upper peninsula are called YOOPERS. They are also called the Motor City because they are home to the biggest car manufacturers.  One more fun fact: They call it POP and not SODA!!