Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Luke's Flat Stanley in New Jersey!

Hello from New Jersey,
We were very excited that Luke’s Flat Stanley decided to visit us in New Jersey. Our favorite thing about New Jersey is the beaches and boardwalks so we thought Flat Stanley would enjoy a trip to the beach. Did you know that New Jersey has over 700 beaches? That’s a lot of sand and surfing. It was a very windy day at the beach so we made sure to hold onto Flat Stanley so he didn’t fly away. Luke’s cousin Michael brought a bucket to the beach so we could play in the sand. I think Flat Stanley had fun listening to the ocean and checking out the sights on the boardwalk. Flat Stanley was hoping for a ride in the Ferris wheel but unfortunately it wasn’t running yet. After our walk on the boardwalk and playing by the ocean we needed a snack. So, we took Flat Stanley to a fun ice cream shop that also serves donuts. He loved the vanilla milkshake and chocolate peanut butter doughnut he shared with us. Many thanks to:  Aunt Amy, Uncle Will, and Cousin Michael

Friday, June 1, 2018

Aliyah's Flat Stanley in California!

Aliyah's Flat Stanley had a great time in California!  Look at all of the great places he went!

 Click HERE to find out more about California!

Dexter's Flat Stanley in North Carolina!

Flat Stanley had a fun stay in North Carolina!  The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. Here we have North Carolina State, Duke and UNC.  Flat Stanley got to see and smell all of our tall pine trees, which is our state tree! Many thanks to the Frary Family!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Elle's Flat Stanley in South Carolina!

Elle's Flat Stanley is having a great time in South Carolina.  He is on an island called Hilton Head!  Click here to find out more about this beautiful spot.

James' Flat Stanley in Minnesota!

James' Flat Stanley is having a great time in Minnesota with his uncle and cousin!  Click here to find out more about the great state of Minnesota!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Luke's Flat Stanley in Pennsylvania!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mackynzie's Flat Stanley in Australia!

G'day from the the land downunder,

On his very first day in Noosa, Queensland Australia Flat Stanley got to see an Australian water dragon at Acres Noosa Garden Cafe Pantry while eating lunch.

 One afternoon, we went for a walk on the Noosaville Foreshore and Flat Stanley wanted to have his picture taken with "The Big Pelican," which was a float in a 1977 parade.

 We visited the Noosa National Park and Flat Stanley paid tribute to a memorial statue of a Koala called Harrold who, sadly, was harmed by a dog.

No dogs are allowed in Noosa National Park. Flat Stanley loved seeing the local wildlife including the native Bush Turkeys who love to dig, dig, dig to make a giant pile of scrub that forms a nest in which their eggs are incubated. Watch out, they will steal food right off of your picnic blanket and make a run for it.
 Flat Stanley enjoyed watching a surfer catch some waves off of the Noosa points that Noosa is world famous for.

 Stanley was very interested to read the interpretive signs at the Noosa National Park entrance and learn about native animals and some of the local lingo like "come have a yarn," which means: come sit in a circle to share stories.
 Finally, we drove up to the Laguna Lookout where Stanley could get a bird's eye perspective of the area with beautiful views. There was even an exhibit that showed what landmarks could be seen.
 Stanley had a fantastic visit with us in Noosa! Many thanks to Alyssia Newton!

Nicholas' Flat Stanley in Massachusetts!

Nicholas' Flat Stanley is having a great time in Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts!  Click here to find out more about Cape Cod!  It is a very cool place!


Nicholas' Flat Stanley in Colorado!

Nicholas' Flat Stanley is having a great time in Colorado!  Click here to find out more about this beautiful state!


Clara's Flat Stanley in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Clara's Flat Stanley is having a very busy spring! Here he is in Las Vegas, Nevada!  Click here to see more about this state!

Clara's Flat Stanley in New Hampshire!

Here's Clara's Flat Stanley enjoying some sun and fun at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire!


Clara's Flat Stanley in Boston, Massachusetts!

Clara's Flat Stanley is having a great time at the Red Sox game!

Chloe's Flat Stanley back in California

Chloe's Flat Stanley is back in California!  He visited Alcatraz, which was a very famous prison that had many famous gangsters as guests!  Yikes Flat Stanley! Now, Alcatraz is a museum and park on an island in San Francisco Bay.  
 Here is Flat Stanley with his new friend the duck.  Stanley was very quiet so he didn't disturb the duck. We enjoyed your adventures, Stanley!

Chloe's Flat Stanley in Australia!

Many thanks to Chloe's friends, Sharon and Dick Treichler for helping us with our Flat Stanley project! We received beautiful photo albums and lovely descriptions and information all about Australia.  Here are just a few of the wonderful things they did:

It took 13 hours to fly to Australia from San Francisco, but that was okay.  It gave Stanley some time to catch up on his sleep!  Once he arrived, he met lots of new friends in Kiama! He visited a National Park, went to an art gallery, and even went to a dinosaur museum!
 Here is Stanley at the National Portrait Gallery.  This was his favorite painting. Maybe this is Harrison's cat, Huntley's relative?  

 They saw wild kangaroos in a wildlife reserve in Canberra, Australia!
 These children were visiting Canberra from Perth on the far side of the country.  Ben and Amelia were excited to have their picture taken with Stanley!
 They went to a Chinese Golden Dragon Museum.  This is a picture of the founder of the museum! Flat Stanley thought he was very interesting and loved getting a tour!
 Flat Stanley visited the Botanical Gardens and got to ride on this train!  Just the right size for Stanley.

 Here is Stanley enjoying a fun day at the zoo.  The giraffes here have a great view across the harbor of Sydney, Australia!  Stanley had a super fun time! And now...back to California!

Chloe's Flat Stanley Goes to California!

After a fun time in New Hampshire, Chloe's Flat Stanley boarded an airplane and headed to California!
 Look at Flat Stanley!  He got to visit the cockpit of the plane and meet the pilot.  It was very exciting!  Stanley flew with his friends to San Diego, California.  It was a 6 hour flight from Boston!  
 Here is Stanley at the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  Isn't it pretty all lit up at night?  Stanley visited beaches, a pet store, and met lots of new friends!  
Click HERE to find out a little more about California! Stanley's next stop: Australia!